Multi pertransibunt et augebitur scientia (Muitos passarão, e o conhecimento aumentará).

terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014


por Mario Sales, FRC,SI,CRC
translated to english by frater Richard Balilla

Beginning of autumn in the south hemisphere
The Announced Virgin for Antonello de Messina, approximately 1477

"And you too, you seek knowledge, is only a path and one footstep of my will; in fact my desire for power walks with the feet of your desire to know the truth!"

"The overcoming of self"
in " Also sprach Zarathustra"


Why persistently criticize the theme and the term "Fall"?
becouse the term itself bothers and bores me.
Not only for its inaccuracy, but missing the true facts.
Worse than a bad word is just a bad symbol.
The values ​​that guide human beings are represented by these signs presents in our tradition.
If you do not strive to improve their clarity will be condemning our descendents to an effort of exegesis unnecessary since all agree that things did not go in that way .
The other aspect is psychological . Never satisfied myself with symbolism, interesting, but primary , the Hebrew Genesis , even emphasizing their beauty imagery .
Before anything , this symbolic arrangement is burdened with guilt and pain instead of showing , even symbolically, the wonderful internal dynamics of the Universe .
And that's what moves the mystic : deciphering the principles of hermetic symbols that can represent an increase in his knowledge and his power over creation.
There is no guilt in the mystic , but curiosity. He is the Scientist of Eternal .
The mystic is not a religious, although it is immersed in religiosity. Not interest to him stories about demons and hells and gnashing of teeth . The universe for the mystic is clear , powerful but benign , and their God is not hostile or terrifying , but an eternal Travel Companion , this journey we all experience and that I like to call the dip in the flesh.
So we need to move the shapes to symbolize and describe our past, so that, even metaphorically, expressions such as corruption, fall or original sin is banished from the mystical nomenclature for complete inadequacy of current understanding we have of creation and our relationship with our Creator.


" Behold the scene . It happens in an instant ( which later exegetes split into five parts ). Mark and John say nothing about it . Matthew mentions in passing. It is Luke who describes twelve verses . A girl alone . An angel appears and says something scary . She doubts , ask . The angel explains . She accepts . The angel go away . "
Few moments are like this .. It's the moment when there is a new monotheism ; in the Old Testament comes to an end ; advertising , with nine months in advance , a new era ; that , theologically , the eternal penetrates the story ; that becomes a virgin mother.
The March 25 , the spring equinox in the Julian calendar . Thereafter , in the northern hemisphere the days are longer than nights . There will be more light than darkness. According to a resumption by the greatest theologian of the 6th century tradition. Bernard of Clairvaux , Nazareth, the name of the city that gave the scene , means flower. A mystical game, St. Bernard writes that divine flower wanted to be born of a flower , in the womb of a flower , then the flowers.
In scene two characters and an animal : the girl , the angel and the dove . It is the antithesis of the Fall , in which there are two characters and an animal : Adam, Eve and the serpent . The serpent is a terrestrial animal, the depths of the earth , soaring curling up in a tree, resented not being able to get to heaven . Inquiry rises from the ground. Brings poison. The dove is a celestial animal. His message comes down from above and brings grace .
In the Fall there is a tree between Adam and Eve It divides the male than female . And the wild nature , the anarchic production of the vegetable world , the instinct has not governed by reason . In classical iconography of the Annunciation there is a column between Mary and the Angel . She shares the divine human . Expression is achieved by the use of the Order of Reason, the geometric rigor of human architecture.
St. Thomas Aquinas wrote a booklet in which Mary as the anti - Eve, with Eve , sin ; with Mary at the Annunciation , the opposite of Apple, the destruction of the apple. Upon entering , the Angel
Gabriel has greeted Mary with the words, later, will be repeated by believers: "Hail Mary, plena Gracia. Dominus tecum ... The medieval hymn "Ave Maria Stella" tells us: "When pronounced this Bird / the lips of Gabriel / was given us peace / be changed to the name of Eve"
Bird, the first word of the Angel, Eve reverses, as the old saw.
Undoes evil. "

(Excerpt from an essay by João Moreira Salles for the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, March 26, 2006 on the framework the Virgin Annunciation by Antonello of Messina, on display at the Museum of New York Metrpolitan.)


The Martinist doctrines and martinezista are tributaries of biblical symbolism.
It is there, in the holy book, we find the first references to the fall of man , of a higher , angelic state, without sin , to a state of pain and suffering .
The Hebrew Genesis could be , in certain passages a Book of Fear .
Causes fear the God who charges the promise of Adam not to eat of the tree of good and evil . Causes fear Cherub flaming sword that expels the primordial couple called paradise .
Everything is the fault and error .
In this view , man and woman are architects of infamy before a gracious God and Knowing, however , strangely unable to anticipate the serpent.
This , although interesting , the Mosaic symbolism has long since signs of senility.
Evolved , not too sure of , as a people and culture, some more than others .
Even so it is time to review and make a mystical update of images and symbols that once guided a nomadic and barbarous people , a barbaric and primitive period to a new kind of historical moment , intellectual understanding and scientific partner situation.
And perhaps we should start with the concept of " Fall."


Only Jung 's synchronicity can explain .I had already finished this essay when I fell to the testing of João Moreira Salles on a framework of Antonello of Messina (where , incidentally , the Virgin Mary makes a gesture similar to all Martinists do so by asking for his wonderful introduction , permission to speak for a clique , left hand on the heart and the right palm extended forward ) describes as the Annunciation of Mary undid the evil in us to reverse , by the angel , the name the first woman - EVA - in the salutation of Mary , mother of the Redeemer - AVE .
Say more : at the Annunciation , also gives the order of the Old Testament , the old symbols . .
It is the beginning of a new and eternal aliance. No more talk we will discuss in fall. Now Ascension.


Initially ask : what made being omnipotent, omniscient, creating a universe in layers, with a part that we call divine and one that we call human, apparently separated?
The martinista response and mystique would be the need to create tension .
Between one and the other pole of creation, between the columns of Jachin and Boaz , being and creating floating , suspended between the counter and the energy created between these opposite poles .
The reality is dual in structure and threefold in manifestation , reports the Rosicrucian breviary .
Thus , by God's will , everything was created relies on two main pillars, foundations of all that exists .
It is the existence of these two pillars that create the conditions for the manifestation of life , not only between what is above and what is below , but the most striking manner , the conditions created in the region between the left and right of establishment .
The third point , ourselves, human beings , if only exist at this apparently stable , dual and unstable territory we call REALITY .
Stability to which we contributed our consciousness , that contribution is more intense the greater the degree of our understanding of the role we have in this interplay of forces .
There, in the region where the flow of protons , neutrons , electrons and photons is more rich and dense , exist .
Here, in this unstable and shifting region evolved.
And , to evolve , we fulfill our highest mission as living beings we are : to serve as sensors of the Almighty in his own body , Creation.
Yes, God is felt with us, to know better.
God is touching , to realize its contours and assess its dimensions .
We are the fingers of the Almighty in an almost narcissistic exercise self recognition.
It is by His will that His fingers cross the void and come play His sacred skin.
It is the Divine Will we entered these bodies of flesh to experience the sensations of being among columns .
It is therefore by His Holy will, we're in this research plan , delighting us with the harvest of all the information we can get to our Creator , about himself .
We're not in this world by accident , but willingly .
We are not being disinherited by his father , but lights on mission , soldiers obeying the orders of his commander .
What happened in the second manuscript 7 , page 7 , the associate degree , " ... was only an expansion of the field of operation required to include the development of the faculties of man , who eagerly sought new experiences for growth ... "
Do not fall into this world , we launched it and therefore we are not in this state that we lost another better, but we dive into it, willingly.
Our glory is not in spirit but in the flesh .
It will know , through it will evolve , and with us , the God who sent us .
Somehow , this is a materialist assertion.
Properly understood the notion of matter is itself unrealistic .
We assume that there is an idyllic place where we were one spirit, and this one , where we are , full of pain and suffering , which are only subject.
Such views are just an Aristotelian trauma. The world is not made in pieces . The world is one .


There is no separation between the world and our angels but that which our degree of awareness unit provides .
We are in a " state of exile ... dummy ... " ( Manuscript 7 p.7 ) .
What's up is down , Trimegistus said .
And I complete what is above is below.
God is among us. We are God manifest .
Look people in the eye is looking in the eyes of God ; More than that: if God is also in me when I look at someone else , God looks at himself .
It martinista to overcome that and Sankhya Yogis called Maya , the illusion of separateness , the illusion of being something different For him.
Only when man realizes himself in the same divinity that created it can speak in lighting .
We are an ocean of consciousness and energy in constant tension and movement , in the middle of the columns .
We are , all of us and all that exists, the third point .
And here we come as a result of the Will of God, and of our own accord , not by accident but by necessity .
The first condition to reestablish our awareness of God in us is to realize that we were never out of it , there is no need of regeneration since no degeneration, but fulfillment of a desire for self-knowledge of the Almighty to immerse ourselves in this rich state and miscellaneous, this vast knowledge of laboratory called material world .
The most appropriate expression is " increasing awareness of being in it as it is in us " , in a word , Unity .

 Suzano , March 25, 2006
Mario Sales